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Welcome to the official website of Mel Croucher, writer, musician and video games pioneer. You can view and plunder whatever you like for private use, but if you want to publish anything for commercial or academic purposes then get permission first. There's a contact form below.

With thanks to everyone who has contributed graphics, routines and the written word, particularly Robin Evans, Jas Austin, Ricky Foyle, Bruno Krippahl, and the ever-faithful amanuensis Winnie Minkey.

MUSIC: complete works released in six album edition. Click for details HERE.

NON-FICTION: Mel's new book for everyone who is not immortal. LAST ORDERS. Click for details HERE.

CARTOONS: Three-volume collector's edition of all the artwork by Robin Evans and Mel Croucher, just released. More details HERE.

MOVIE: the 90 minute film documentary PAUL ANDREWS MEETS: MEL CROUCHER is in post-production. Directed by Chris McGee, written by Richard Hewison and Paul Andrews. Mel swears he doesn't remember making it.